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Beautiful Mess

An erotic romance novella

Warning: contains pet rats, hot YouTube celebrity roommates, and one spurned girlfriend about to get even...

Working in a wedding cake shop sucks when you've just been dumped.

Bailey Frost has a recipe for disaster: one cheating ex, one big glass of liquor, and three well-meaning male friends who think her lack of a sex life is funny. Before she knows it, she's confessed that she's never had an orgasm with a man.

Now Bailey has to navigate sappy couples at work, while her friends are hell-bent on helping her get revenge on evil Craig...by dressing up as werewolves, on YouTube.

And one of those friends-- the tall, shy-but-gorgeous Linc--might just want to help Bailey with that other little problem...

What readers say about BEAUTIFUL MESS:

"I laughed, I cried, I kissed an hour goodbye...
but seriously, this is one of the best stories I've read in awhile, and more importantly-
I felt really connected to Bailey, and sad for her. I felt really incredibly happy for her at the end, and I feel like a better person for having read your story."

"I did not expect to be touched by a piece of erotic fiction, but this took me there. Loved it!"

"So gorgeous. I'm sending this to my boyfriend."

"This story is PURE AMAZINGNESS. I don't have the slightest idea why, but all the events just put me through each of the emotions; I cried, I laughed my arse off, I was punishing the mouse angrily during the scene in the pub--It's been a long while since I felt apart of the story I was reading! I would love to continue reading about these characters. Please please please. Thank you for making an incredibly enjoyable viewing experience!!"

"I loved how you created friends out of the characters, then lovers out of friends. All the while telling the story with such nonchalant humour I couldn't help but relate to the cast."

"By the end, Bailey was irresistible to me and her friends sort of heroic."