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Rejected cover designs for TAINTED TOUCH

posted by Lucy V Morgan


My cover designer puts up with a lot. ("Can we try a gnome of self pity in the corner? Yeah. Really." [Three hours of blood, sweat and tears later] "Oh. You're right. That looks like a bag of dicks, huh.")

So when I realised that I wanted a new cover for Tainted Touch, but I frankly had no idea what I wanted, I decided I'd save the poor bastard the hassle and just do it myself.

The new cover will be revealed on Tuesday 1st July (along with a 50% off sale, because I'm nice like that). But in the meantime, here are some of the many cover mock-ups I vetoed in the end, along with a little commentary--Lucy style.

1) Floating Dead-Eyed Cait

For: The Waves, right?

Against: nothing about this one really says "moments of genuine hilarity."

No, what I needed was something edgier...

2) The Misery Porn Edition

For: pretty water/waves relevance. EMOTIONAL TURMOIL

Against: it's all a bit "capture fantasy kink." Which is okay if the book involves capture fantasy kink, but this book doth not.

Perhaps I needed more than random body parts. I needed a concept cover...

3) Attack of the Flying Cupcakes

For: cute! Modern! Just a bit foreboding!

Against: "Lucy. It looks like udders." (Christa Desir, voice of reason)

Screw you, concept cover. What I really needed was...

4) Headless New Adult Ocean Smut Bonanza

For: screams "I'm a beach read. BEACH ME AT ONCE."

Against: bargain basement Okay Creations rip-off

Perhaps sexy covers are not my forte. You know, unless they're more subtle. Like...

5) Headless Cliche New Adult Subtext Blandtasy

For: pretty colours. Porkage obviously imminent, so subtext win.

Against: more forgettable than J-Lo's recent efforts.

Yeah. None of this was going so well. I gave up for a while.

After that lot, I imagine you have no clue what the new cover will actually look like. Funnily enough, at that point...neither did I. But I did figure it out, and while you can't see it until July 1st, here's just a teeny sneak peek...

This is nothing like any of my other covers. I can't wait to share it!

TAINTED TOUCH is getting a new cover...

posted by Lucy V Morgan

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...in about ten days. I've seen it; it's rather lush, if I do say so myself, and also very different from my previous covers. I love the Cait and Art original cover, but I'd like the book to stand out a little more with something unique.

So...see you soon with a new work of Art ;)