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posted by Lucy V Morgan


Aidan is probably one of my favourite characters, out of all my books. He's also the character I get asked about the most by FAR. Everyone wants to know when I'm writing Aidan's book.

Answer: when he finally sorts his shit out. Seriously, there's a lot of shit--it's always been there, ever since I wrote him--and trying to maul it all into a book with an HEA is quite the undertaking. I have started and stopped his book many times because he refuses to behave himself. I'm aware that as an answer, this royally sucks. But I can't just write him to order. He'd HATE me for that.

Aidan originally appeared in the Knives and Flowers books. Then he appeared in The Gentleman has Left the Building (which is free, by the way) and I elaborated on his backstory in Tainted Touch. In fact Art, Tainted Touch's hero and Aidan's little brother, was originally going to be in the Knives and Flowers books too...but he didn't quite fit. And his story needed its own book, really. It had a different tone.

A lot of people ask me why I didn't write Aidan's book as soon as I'd finished Leila's duo (which was back in 2010. Christ). The truth is, back then, nobody would have published it. Aidan's story, fucked up as it is, would have been waaaaay too taboo. Of course now I self publish, that issue isn't there so much, but I do still wonder if Amazon would actually sell the thing. They haz rules and standards (apparently).

I'm teasing here. I apologise. But suffice to say that when Aidan told Leila that he'd only ever been in love once, with a girl, a long time ago...he was telling the truth. And that girl was most definitely forbidden on every level; I think a lot of people would be truly freaked. There was never going to be an HEA for them (and while Aidan would love one with Mattman, Matt just doesn't like penis enough. Alas). Where does anyone go from there? He's a shockingly un-PC character too--full of rape jokes and the like, which I think is realistic given his job and his experiences--but this is not for everyone. It needs handling in a certain way.

A lot of writers seem to know exactly what the end game is for their characters. This is usually me; I'm a plotter. I have to know where everything is going. And yet Aidan eludes me, time and time again, as if he's still searching. He's larger than life that way. Tainted Touch definitely showed another side to him, and his sing-song whore boy behaviour was cast in a very different light. (I'd say it's like he was swelling inside of me, as a character. But we all know how that sounds, hmm?!) It brought his Daddy issues to the forefront--they go a long way to explaining some of his choices in life. And his reaction to finding Art showed us all how huge his heart is. But that heart, as he would say, has been fucked three different ways with a sledgehammer, mashed into something McDonalds wouldn't serve, and thrown out to the pigeons of Trafalgar Square. When I write in Aidan's POV, he's incredibly...dark. Sometimes I wonder if people would actually like that (and I welcome all opinions on that point).

I am not done with Aidan; nor is he done with me. It would be nice if he shut up about shoes and sex and random British comedians long enough to actually tell me what he wants, however. As soon as he does, you'll be the first to know.


posted by Lucy V Morgan


As in, no-charge free. $0.00 free. Free like a bird, or a shooting star, or Tim Robbins at the end of Shawshank Redemption

But only until midnight on Saturday August 2nd.

You can find it on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and all the other Amazons (apparently). And if you don't have a Kindle or the Kindle app, email me at lucyvmorgan@gmail.com before the end of Saturday and I'll send you the correct version for your Nook/iPad/wax tablet.

Now go forth and download that damned thing. Your hot boxer-slash-massage-therapist is waiting...