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New cover reveal for TAINTED TOUCH & Sale

posted by Lucy V Morgan



Isn't it pretty? There's a bit of a story behind this new cover.

When I started to write Tainted Touch, I thought it would be another smutfest like Twisted Summer. But it didn't work out that way. (Not that there isn't smut in the book, but it's one of many elements, rather than an overarching theme). The book ended up a bit more in the chick lit/women's fiction/contemporary vein. I really wasn't sure how to market that, but when the book went out to reviewers, it was obvious--in a positive way--that they felt it was more suited to these genres.

And so...here we are. In truth, I think this cover tells readers more about my personal style. I don't write cookie cutter coupley romances; there's nothing wrong with them at all, but I wouldn't want a reader to expect one thing and get another when they buy my book. That's not really fair. I write with a bit of darkness and a lot of quirk; I write with unusual narrative arcs, at times. They're more into the contemporary fiction or women's fiction veins. I was worried that would be a bad thing.

I'm not worried any more ;)

(And yes, that is a blurb from the amazeballs Kristen Callihan, who has some gorgeous new covers herself. Her Darkest London series will be in UK bookshops soon, so keep an eye out).

To celebrate the new cover, TAINTED TOUCH is on sale for $1.49 (or £0.81 in the UK) at all vendors. It won't be at that price for long, so tell your friends!


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