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New release coming: TAINTED TOUCH

posted by Lucy V Morgan

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tainted touch

Release date: March 31st 2014
Cover Reveal: March 1st
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A sensual New Adult romance, set in England

Twenty-year-old Caitlyn McCoe likes logic, cake and breaking a sweat. In that order. What she doesn't like is the fact that her manipulative ex, Dominic, has crawled out of the woodwork after their breakup last summer. She needs to concentrate on passing her business degree, not telling him to get lost. But fantasising about Fist Candy--the boxer she loves to watch at the gym, where she works--is excellent escapism. He's beautiful, untouchable...and safe.

Until he's her new co-worker. And then he's not safe at all.

Art Lyons was a rising star on the boxing circuit and a brilliant student. Then he dropped out, disappeared, and has just resurfaced as the new sports massage therapist at Caitlyn's gym. He doesn't want to talk about why he's no longer at uni; he doesn't want to explain the tattooed slashes across his hip.

But he's troubled by the connection he feels between the punch bag and the brush of a lover's fingers. He wants to use his hands to heal, not hurt. Caitlyn clams up when her friends go to hug her; after Dominic, something changed beneath her skin, twists the things she feels. If Art can find a way to reach beyond that, he could help her. She could heal him.

That's if they don't break each other first...

(Art Lyons would be the younger brother of Aidan Reaper, from the Knives & Flowers books. Ahem ;) ). 

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