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THE WHORED SERIES: an announcement

posted by Lucy V Morgan


I'm excited to tell you all that CHAIRMAN OF THE WHORED and THE WHORED'S PRAYER, my erotic novels, will shortly receive a complete re-branding. The books will remain the same, but their titles and covers will change. This is because my rights have been granted back by the publisher.

The WHORED series was released several months before the Fifty Shades Of Grey phenomenon, when erotic titles were packaged and marketed very differently. Then a new audience appeared for erotic books, almost from nowhere; I'd like to give the WHORED books a chance to reach this audience. I think Leila and Joseph would speak to them as much as they've spoken to the lovely, lovely readers who have supported my work from the beginning. To find that audience, they may need to look a little different in order to be noticed. (I wish publishing didn't work this way, but it does. And one can never blame a reader for liking what they like).

Designer Kenny Wright will be handling the new covers. He does beautiful work--as with TWISTED SUMMER and TOUSLE ME--but also, he read the WHORED novels back when they were still in progress, and was a massive support as they were completed and subsequently sold. It feels very "full circle" to have him designing the new jackets, and I absolutely can't wait to show them to you all.

 It may be that for a few weeks in January, the titles are unavailable to buy. I'm not clear on exactly when this will be or if it will happen at all; I'll keep you all updated on the matter. I expect the rebranded titles to be available by early February--so not long to go.

Expect joint cover and title reveals over the next few weeks. (And if you happen to have any title suggestions, I'm all ears ;) ).

Happy new year!


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