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Archive for April 2013

Update...New Projects, New Giveaways and General Catapult Dodging

posted by Lucy V Morgan


It's been quite the few weeks in the Luciverse (is that pretentious? I quite like it. Is liking it pretentious? I'm British...surely, I'm allowed).

TWISTED SUMMER was released. I landed in hospital last week for surprise! Surgery! (Fortunately on the mend now, but it was all a bit surreal). Lots of personal rubbish on the assault that was both good and bad for my writer's delicate constitution (fnar).

I have indeed had quite the year; literally, as of today; and in truth, have not been able to write a lot for much of it. TWISTED SUMMER sat unpublished for some time until I got up the guts last month to set it free. I've been tremendously lucky with how it has done so far (and I am grateful to everyone who chances buying a book that everyone says is "different" above all else. Getting into the top 100 on the UK Kindle charts--and the upper hundreds on the US charts--is pretty mindblowing!). As was this on iTunes:

The newer Lucy, however, is a good portion of the way through a new project. I don't want to reveal a lot other than I've drawn on a lot of recent personal experience to write this heroine. It is a story of both romance and recovery. It has a lot in common with BEAUTIFUL MESS in that it's a New Adult story about some fun, friendly roommates, and it has lots in common with the WHORED series in that it's very character-based (in fact the hero is Aidan's half brother, and Aidan plays a role in the book). It doesn't yet have a title, but it does have a beginning, a middle and an end. It's been the most massively therapeutic and indulgent project. Let's cross fingers and hope it isn't my African Child. Ahem.

In other news, TWISTED SUMMER will be going on a blog tour in May and I'll be giving away some gorgeous beach stuff and a signed print copy of the novel. I'll update with dates and venues when I have them, but I'll be doing some interviews and other spots along the way.

I hope you all had a lovely (surgery free) Easter. Now, where's the sunshine? Please...?