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Awesome Corner: new release from Kenny Wright

posted by Lucy V Morgan


My very talented friend Kenny Wright released his new novella, ALL IN, this week. If you're in the market for a swapsies story with a big dollop of filth, I highly reccommend it (and not just because I edited it).

Play strip poker? Ben never thought he would. Not with his wife, Amy, and especially not with their asshole friend, Scott. Lawyers all three, they were more likely to strip their opponents of pride, not clothing.

Not that Ben wasn't intrigued--especially in the company of two attractive couples with a history of flirtation. He'd love to see either woman naked; he just wasn't sure how he felt about the guys ogling his wife. But when the wine begins to flow, inhibitions loosen, and clothes start coming off, he discovers a part of himself that's turned on by the attention Amy commands.

Soon, the three couples are caught in the throes of high-stakes poker. Secrets come out, things get wild, and Ben discovers a side of his wife he never knew existed.

P.S. Kenny's currently designing the cover for TWISTED SUMMER. He does a beautiful job--as you will see from all of his own titles--and I am very, very excited about my cover reveal on March 20th. Don't forget to subscribe via the "follow by email" box on the right, or you might miss it...


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