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A Year In Publishing...

posted by Lucy V Morgan


So. It's been about a year since Beautiful Mess, my debut novella, came out. And a lot has happened in that time. In fact this time last year, I was just an unpublished intern at Entangled (which was cool, by the way, but it's quite woeful to be unpublished when all you want to do is write and reach readers). I felt very apprehensive about the whole "people reading my books" thing. What if they didn't like them? What if my books tanked? Was my 2012 going to be the year I gave up on my dreams of being an author, and of working in publishing?

Not exactly...

Beautiful Mess debuted in late November, 2011. And since then...

There are nearly half a million copies in circulation
There are thousands of reviews and ratings spread over various sites and vendors (including the elusive positive review at Dear Author)
Beautiful Mess spent Christmas 2011 in the erotica and romance top tens across most vendors
Some funny people recorded an audio version
In other words: freebies, my friends. "Publicity" doesn't even cover it.

The WHORED series debuted in February and June 2012, respectively. And since then...

Chairman has been nominated for an RT Reviewer's Choice award, and received an extended review
Both novels have been namechecked by authors way cooler than me
I sold enough copies to keep me going through a pretty horrible divorce (from a person who told me my writing would never make me any money. HA. (Ahem).)
There are some nice people looking into optioning movies. Which would be kind of amazing.

And then there's the other stuff...

I'm an editor now, which is awesome.

My paranormal TV series, BLOOD FIZZ POP, got optioned by Midsummer Films, and is now in development. It features a sarcastic ginger vampire who's addicted to Pepsi, his snarky human girlfriend, and a pair of warring alien siblings who will probably destroy the world before they destroy each other. Watch this space ;)

If you bought any of my books--or told someone else about my books--this year, I'd like to say a very big thank you. And I'd like to wish you all a very wonderful 2013.


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