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Poor, Unsuspecting Dude Reads CHAIRMAN OF THE WHORED

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,


...to poor, unsuspecting Lucy. I got a series of texts earlier. They went a little bit like this...

13:10  So I'm in Pizza Hut. And reading your book.

Oh...well. Erm. Enjoy the salad bar.

13:24  It is not appropriate to stand just now.

Please don't scare any children.

13:27  How much of this is you? Are these your dreams?

Yes, I am all the characters in my book. Or I was, until the doctor gave me some nice medicine.

13:40  Managed to stand. I am corrupted. I owe my mate a fiver--do you think there's a book in that?

I suppose it depends why you owe him?!

13:44  "He shoved his fingers inside me, dragging them along the bottom wall."

Then I suspect you owe him more than a fiver.

14:12  Home now. May have to go upstairs.

I'm really not sure what to do with that.

14:23  Almost ruined my phone! That was better than tea with the Queen.

But not Pizza Hut? No...didn't think so.


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