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Poor, Unsuspecting Dude Reads CHAIRMAN OF THE WHORED

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,


...to poor, unsuspecting Lucy. I got a series of texts earlier. They went a little bit like this...

13:10  So I'm in Pizza Hut. And reading your book.

Oh...well. Erm. Enjoy the salad bar.

13:24  It is not appropriate to stand just now.

Please don't scare any children.

13:27  How much of this is you? Are these your dreams?

Yes, I am all the characters in my book. Or I was, until the doctor gave me some nice medicine.

13:40  Managed to stand. I am corrupted. I owe my mate a fiver--do you think there's a book in that?

I suppose it depends why you owe him?!

13:44  "He shoved his fingers inside me, dragging them along the bottom wall."

Then I suspect you owe him more than a fiver.

14:12  Home now. May have to go upstairs.

I'm really not sure what to do with that.

14:23  Almost ruined my phone! That was better than tea with the Queen.

But not Pizza Hut? No...didn't think so.

Win an Advance Copy of THE WHORED'S PRAYER + Alternative Ending

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,


See this old thing?

(Yes, that's Mr. Joseph "Chairman of the Whored" Merchant).

It releases on June 4th, but I thought it would be just a little bit awesome to give an e-copy away a few weeks early. How's about it? No...?

He guided the scalpel, still in my fist, back to the rise of his hipbone. A neat wedge of flesh and sinew made an uneven crescent as it curved above. Here. So it was. With a breath drawn from heavy air, I bent to lick the spot, anoint it with a sucking kiss. He caressed me as I prepared him, swirled fingertips in circles on my scalp. His own breath came in short little jerks now. I sat at his feet and tasted the blunt flat of the scalpel, an acolyte of his own making.
Are you sure?” I whispered.
Yeah.” He caught my eye. “Are you?

 Okay. How about now? :P

To coat the deal with extra fuck-yeah, I'm throwing in a sneak peek at the novel's "alternative ending" short story, which won't go up on here (along with a couple of other WHORED short stories) until the second week of June. This is something not even the advance reviewers have seen.

If you're wondering if you can read THE WHORED'S PRAYER if you haven't read CHAIRMAN OF THE WHORED, the answer would be yes, you can. There's a sharp little prologue to drag you right up to speed. You will get way more out of it if you've read the first one, though. And the men will seem hotter. Priorities, people.

You can use this handy little widget to enter, and I'll be posting the results on Sunday 13th May. Now...go forth and clicky:

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