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Change of Release Date for OLLY HARRIS: WEDDING WRECKER

posted by Lucy V Morgan

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This is just a quickie to explain that due to some unexpected and unfortunate personal circumstances, OLLY HARRIS: WEDDING WRECKER will be delayed until July. I'm very sorry for the wait, but sadly this can't be helped. I hope to be back writing soon.

There is no delay for THE WHORED'S PRAYER, however, and now you can even read the first few chapters by downloading a sample right here.

Romantic Times reviews CHAIRMAN OF THE WHORED

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Here's a post where I squee a lot. It's not very British, squeeing. And it rhymes with weeing, so it's not very eloquent either.

Fortunately, I don't think you're under any illusion that I'm eloquent. I am a bit street, though. Exhibit A:

It's got a frame and everything. I'm too cool for school, bitchios. Anyway...

So here is my 4.5 star RT Review. Quote:

"This is an alluring and beautifully written contemporary tale...a must-read for genre fans and readers who are new to erotic fiction."

 And here's the extended RT blog review, because it's longer and therefore must be even better. Quote:

"I feel like whatever good words I say about the story will not do it justice. It was that good...If you’re a fan of British chick lit and enjoy beautifully-written erotica with a slightly kinky edge, do yourself a favor and enjoy a copy of Chairman of the Whored."

 I'm having a very smug weekend. Y to the ay, people. Have a street Easter, and I hope to see you afterwards with giveaway copies of OLLY HARRIS and THE WHORED's PRAYER.