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A Little Update On What I'm Working On Now

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Hello and good evening (or indeed, happy Friday!)

I thought I'd update a little as to what I'm up to right now with writing, and when you can expect some new releases:

Olly Harris: Wedding Wrecker
This is a sequel/companion book to Beautiful Mess. It's going to be longer--I'm hoping to get it into short novel territory--and it's shaping up to be a lot more of a romantic comedy than an erotic book (Olly is good at a lot of things. Smut isn't one of them :P). There may also be a cameo from a certain ginger manwhore from Chairman of The Whored...

There will be a cover reveal, hopefully, in about two weeks, and I'll be posting the first chapter around the same time. So be sure to stop by for that! You can add Olly to your Goodreads list right here.

JUNE 4th
The Whored's Prayer (#2 in The Whored Series)
If you'd like the chance to get your hands on it before everyone else, I'll be giving an advance copy away mid-May. Don't forget to add it on Goodreads right here :)

I also have some filthy/awesome extra scenes--a novella's worth, really--which take place after The Whored's Prayer (one includes Bailey's brother, Rhys, who you'll meet in Olly's book). I'll be posting them up weekly after the release, so once you've read it, pop back and find out what happens next! 

My television script is officially in development now. It could well be a long time before I have any more news on it, but it's definitely exciting territory :) I'm currently writing a young adult novel (which weirdly isn't that different from my erotic stuff. I just have to choose different words) and I'll be moving on to a collaborative YA straight after. When they're done, around July time, I'll be thinking about my next erotic novel (and jonesing to write some filth, probably!).

Anyway, in the meantime: thank you for reading. Thank you for visiting. You make it possible for me to write really cool stuff.

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