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Breaking Joseph

posted by Lucy V Morgan


book two

Trainee lawyer Leila Vaughn has a shot at an amazing career, a boyfriend as beautifully twisted as she is, and for the first time, she's beginning to accept her kinks. Joseph--her boss in the office and her client after hours--is her apple, a devil's gift. A brooding boy waiting to be broken.

Together, they embark on an affair so intense it threatens to swallow the pair of them. No hearts are spared, and as the rest of the real world melts away, Leila begins to believe that she's not as tainted as she thought. That she can have it all.

But somebody knows more about her after-hours escort work than she bargained for--someone who's not afraid to abuse her secrets to get what they want. And if their blackmail succeeds, Leila will lose everything...


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