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Happy Friday: In Which My Supportive Husband Is A Raving Metrosexual

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,

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It started with "gay day."

Yes. This is what the husband's ops manager refers to a team bonding day as. So husband and his assistant hopped off on a road trip, where they allegedly did things like both go quiet when Lana Del Ray's Videogames came on the radio until one of them admitted they liked it. Oh phew, said the other. So do I!

Assistant, later drunk, confessed to an entire pub that he had a "snod." That's a penis wider than it is longer. Apparently. I cannot think about this without going red and choking.

And tonight. Tonight the husband decides to paint his nails glittery black. Half way through, he pauses, looks up and says, "am I metro?"

Please excuse my cruddy Blackberry photo.

Then he farts with epic projection.

I think we have our answer.

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