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Breaking Leila

posted by Lucy V Morgan


book one

Twenty-four-year-old Leila Vaughn works for the biggest alpha going. As a trainee lawyer at London firm Bach & Dagier, she’s trying hard to stay under his radar…because being noticed by Joseph Merchant means trouble. And Joseph’s kind of trouble is a whole other level of hell.

Joseph thinks he knows Leila. She’s his best student, and certainly not the type who’d satisfy the desires he kindles on the edge of a knife. He doesn’t know how wrong he is. But he will learn.

Leila leads a whole other life after dark; one that involves selling her body for money. Desperate to repay the parents who funded her education, she’s nearly completed her year at the prestigious Ladarna escort agency and has almost buried the twisted urges that drove her there in the first place.

Until the night where everything changes. The night she is summoned to a hotel room where Joseph lies in wait. Now there’s nowhere to hide from London’s boldest predator, and no choice but to admit that she might be just like him…

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"... I was so engaged by the female lead I had to keep reading. The sex was off the charts erotic and the plot was so twisty I couldn’t guess what would happen next."  Scorching Book Reviews

"... This book not only made the sex hot...the BDSM and torture sex was so well written that it flowed perfectly with the characters and how I pictured them to be...so striking that I found it hard to put down." The Forbidden Bookshelf

"...Chilling but restrained, poetic and hypnotic...the author knows how to structure a novel, and how to involve a reader in the lives of her characters." Erotica Revealed

"...[the book] wasn't what I expected yet I gained so much enjoyment reading about Leila's triangle and how she dealt with them." Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Lucy Morgan has a way of painting with words, using metaphors and metonyms to describe how Charlotte is so much a part of Leila, and how Leila feels about the world around her...it's about a woman who wants more than she's supposed to want, more than "normal" people want. It's about a woman who has to make hard decisions in order to come to terms with herself." Goodreads


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