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If you've read Beautiful Mess, you'll be familiar with Olly, Bailey's lewd, crude and slightly hopeless room-mate. At the end of April, he'll be starring in his own book (details here). Here's a little bit of what you can expect:

I'm going to let you in on a little secret now: this is an Olly Harris speciality, perfected through years of practise. It's not often that I cook, but nobody does this better than me.
It's important to get the choice of bread right for this recipe. Girls pretend they don't care about this stuff, but did you just hear that conversation? Castles and shoes that cost the same as cars? It's Valentine's, so roll out the good stuff. I've gone with a malt blend with pumpkin seeds because Chan loves healthy crap and I'm considerate like that. It's organic, so it might even cure cancer or give me a blow job. That's just how ace this bread is.
The next step is equally important. You have to be really exacting with the temperature. You're aiming for a crisp, caramelised brown; about eighty five seconds should do it. While they tick away, you should be warming a bit of butter--cheat and do it in the microwave so long as you don't melt it to a pool of rancid crap. Then it's time to bring your two ingredients together in a slow-mo rugby tackle of carbs and lard. (Don't actually do that. I'm just trying to be entertaining and stuff, and repeatedly whacking a pat of butter like a retard will lead to a mess that your girlfriend then has to clean up).
(Ha. I wouldn't really make her clean it up. Well. Maybe if she bent over and I was allowed to video the whole thing.)
“Ol.” Linc walks towards me in a clean shirt. “What you up to?”
I hold the plate up. “Special Valentine's tea for Chan.”
“Dude.” He glances between me and the food several times. “That's toast.”
I bring the plate back in defensively. “Toast just the way she likes it.”
“What, with a side order of roaring ineptitude?”


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I've been so ridiculously excited about this:

                                       Coming 4th June 2012
                 (click the above image to enlarge those lovely...fonts)

This is the sequel to Chairman of the Whored, and this fine young (ish) man would be Joseph. You can read more about The Whored's Prayer right here.

Squee! Manflesh! And deep insights into broken, dirty minds. Obviously. Ahem.


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I'm interviewed today over at Urban Fantasy author Sonya Clark's website. I talk lots about the darker side of London, when heroes are not heroes, writing BDSM, cocktails and my rather eccentric taste in music.

Release Day!

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Chairman of the Whored officially releases today!

It's been a bit weird waiting for this--I started writing this book back in 2009, finished in 2010, revised for ages and then didn't sell until 2011.  Now it's finally landed, I'm nervous, excited and above all, curious as to what readers will make of this rather dark, intense tale.

Read all about the book and find vendor links here, or buy direct from the publisher to take advantage of the 30% off new releases offer and to download a 25-page sample.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the cover reveal of The Whored's Prayer--it's even more gorgeous than this one (hint: manflesh).

I'm off for cocktails.

Well. Later. Hic!

Breaking Leila

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book one

Twenty-four-year-old Leila Vaughn works for the biggest alpha going. As a trainee lawyer at London firm Bach & Dagier, she’s trying hard to stay under his radar…because being noticed by Joseph Merchant means trouble. And Joseph’s kind of trouble is a whole other level of hell.

Joseph thinks he knows Leila. She’s his best student, and certainly not the type who’d satisfy the desires he kindles on the edge of a knife. He doesn’t know how wrong he is. But he will learn.

Leila leads a whole other life after dark; one that involves selling her body for money. Desperate to repay the parents who funded her education, she’s nearly completed her year at the prestigious Ladarna escort agency and has almost buried the twisted urges that drove her there in the first place.

Until the night where everything changes. The night she is summoned to a hotel room where Joseph lies in wait. Now there’s nowhere to hide from London’s boldest predator, and no choice but to admit that she might be just like him…

click here to read Leila's Flapjack Recipe 


"... I was so engaged by the female lead I had to keep reading. The sex was off the charts erotic and the plot was so twisty I couldn’t guess what would happen next."  Scorching Book Reviews

"... This book not only made the sex hot...the BDSM and torture sex was so well written that it flowed perfectly with the characters and how I pictured them to be...so striking that I found it hard to put down." The Forbidden Bookshelf

"...Chilling but restrained, poetic and hypnotic...the author knows how to structure a novel, and how to involve a reader in the lives of her characters." Erotica Revealed

"...[the book] wasn't what I expected yet I gained so much enjoyment reading about Leila's triangle and how she dealt with them." Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Lucy Morgan has a way of painting with words, using metaphors and metonyms to describe how Charlotte is so much a part of Leila, and how Leila feels about the world around her...it's about a woman who wants more than she's supposed to want, more than "normal" people want. It's about a woman who has to make hard decisions in order to come to terms with herself." Goodreads

Breaking Joseph

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book two

Trainee lawyer Leila Vaughn has a shot at an amazing career, a boyfriend as beautifully twisted as she is, and for the first time, she's beginning to accept her kinks. Joseph--her boss in the office and her client after hours--is her apple, a devil's gift. A brooding boy waiting to be broken.

Together, they embark on an affair so intense it threatens to swallow the pair of them. No hearts are spared, and as the rest of the real world melts away, Leila begins to believe that she's not as tainted as she thought. That she can have it all.

But somebody knows more about her after-hours escort work than she bargained for--someone who's not afraid to abuse her secrets to get what they want. And if their blackmail succeeds, Leila will lose everything...

"On a visceral level, women enjoy violence perpetrated against them."

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Erm...no. No, we don't, OneSTDV. The clue in that quote is "perpetrated" because it does not acknowledge consent.

You do know what consent is, don't you, OneSTDV? It's that part where we say "this is okay." It's not implicit just because we are women who apparently like to be knocked around. Sometimes there might be rules; sometimes not. But never, ever is it okay to abuse a woman because "rape narratives appear in almost every romance novel and a moderated version currently drives the Twilight phenomenon in which vampire Edward wants to kill his lover Bella."

I try not to rise to this stuff--the article I'm quoting admits its misogynist roots--and yet if this made just one girl question her reasoning behind wanting a man to be rough in bed or made her hestitant to stand up for herself, it has done women in general a disservice. As someone who writes about rough sex and BDSM, I feel it responsible to point out what a great load of slimy batshit it is to suggest that women actually welcome domestic abuse; that it is somehow the natural way of things.

Do you know what a rape fantasy is? I've talked about it here:

"Rape fantasy: A scenario where a woman is 'forced' into sex but enjoys it on whatever level pleases her kink, and suffers no traumatising after-effects, under the pleasing insinuation that our "hero" wants the heroine so much, he can't take no for an answer. Intended to be erotic, but is sometimes miswritten as a vicious act that mentally scars our heroine for the often misguided purpose of pleasure through self-pity and flagellation."

Not everyone knows the difference between rape fantasy and real, life-devouring rape. In a rape fantasy, the "victim" is in control. A lot of novels confuse rape fantasy with actual rape--it's sad, and symptomatic of a world where admitting to the fantasy is still apparently wrong. This makes for a world where silly teenage girls can only express what is a quite natural BDSM curiosity by saying sensationalist things like "I'd let Chris Brown beat me," because they're not familiar with risk-aware frameworks or safety words. But it's also symptomatic of a time not so long ago when a lot of women didn't have the power of "consent."

Let me remind you again, "mostly academic" OneSTDV, what symptomatic means: it is not the root of a problem. It is an offshoot, a consequence of an innate problem. In this incidence, the innate problem is inequality between genders. Yes, it is a problem; we may have a little more or less flesh between our legs but the world sure sucks when we're continually pitted against each other. Ever wondered if maybe that's what sex is for, besides the obvious? An opportunity to even the playing field, to get these power kinks out of our system so we don't end up taking out the urges on those undeserving, those who have not said this is okay?

"Abused women appear oddly reticent to leave abusive men." I'm not going to go into the many reasons this is a twisted thing to say; I'm just going to point out the use of the word oddly. It implies something scathing and ignorant. Or perhaps OneSTDV was just amused by writing it. I suspect the latter.

"On a visceral level, women enjoy violence perpetrated against them." Do some women enjoy a little violence for sexual, physical pleasure? Yes, they do. So do some men. Are we saying it's okay to abuse men too? Apparently not. Why are we even equating sexual violence with domestic abuse? Cancel out adrenaline and they don't even deal with the same hormonal responses on a chemical level. Good sex, nomatter how brutal, leaves you with self-esteem intact, even if you get off on feeling like you don't deserve any. Domestic abuse does not.

Reader: please never feel that because you desire to submit to a man for kicks, you are somehow deserving of manipulation and abuse; that it exempts you from calling yourself a feminist; that because some writers do not know how to correctly relate a rape fantasy, all women somehow want to be raped. It's not true. It's an ignorant and uninformed perspective, and a poisonous one at that.

I know a couple of very nice men who would identify as alpha. Not one of them, despite his various kinks and desires, would ever think that raping or abusing a woman is okay. A proper alpha knows where to leave the power play and that's on that visceral level. He is never a perpetrator; he is a partner within an equal consent.

Consent. Got that? Consent.

Thanks to Erotic Romance Publishers for bringing this article to my attention.

Flapjack Guest Post & CHAIRMAN OF THE WHORED Giveaway

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I'm over at Scorching Reviews today to talk you through Leila's favourite flapjack recipe and give away another advance copy of Chairman of the Whored. Click here to read and enter! It's open until Feb 20th.

You can also read Scorching's rather awesome and in-depth review of Chairman right here.

Happy Friday: In Which My Supportive Husband Is A Raving Metrosexual

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It started with "gay day."

Yes. This is what the husband's ops manager refers to a team bonding day as. So husband and his assistant hopped off on a road trip, where they allegedly did things like both go quiet when Lana Del Ray's Videogames came on the radio until one of them admitted they liked it. Oh phew, said the other. So do I!

Assistant, later drunk, confessed to an entire pub that he had a "snod." That's a penis wider than it is longer. Apparently. I cannot think about this without going red and choking.

And tonight. Tonight the husband decides to paint his nails glittery black. Half way through, he pauses, looks up and says, "am I metro?"

Please excuse my cruddy Blackberry photo.

Then he farts with epic projection.

I think we have our answer.