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99 Problems But A Pitch Ain't One

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,


...except when it is. Help.

I'm in the process of writing my first YA novel (indeed, I shall have a whole new YA website soon). I need to write a pitch--they're handy, pitches--and yet I'm having a serious write-fail.

I can write pitches for other peoples' books. I don't mind saying I rather rock at that. And I spent months and months as an intern, reading other peoples' YA pitches. So why isn't it happening? Why won't the awesomeness of this WiP shrink into a neat little package of blurb-tastic horn tooting? [Shakes fist]

Please give me your pitch-writing tips. I will be eternally grateful. I will brave a dinner of "fish with eyes" (as the four-year-old puts it) with an almost-smile on my face.

(Incidentally, the one-sentence pitch for this contemp scifi thriller is "seventeen-year-old troubled genuis goes on the run with his dad's lab "project": a girl who is proof that memories are spores." That took me ten seconds, but it doesn't want to inflate any further).

Hit me!

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