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A Year In Publishing...

posted by Lucy V Morgan


So. It's been about a year since Beautiful Mess, my debut novella, came out. And a lot has happened in that time. In fact this time last year, I was just an unpublished intern at Entangled (which was cool, by the way, but it's quite woeful to be unpublished when all you want to do is write and reach readers). I felt very apprehensive about the whole "people reading my books" thing. What if they didn't like them? What if my books tanked? Was my 2012 going to be the year I gave up on my dreams of being an author, and of working in publishing?

Not exactly...

Beautiful Mess debuted in late November, 2011. And since then...

There are nearly half a million copies in circulation
There are thousands of reviews and ratings spread over various sites and vendors (including the elusive positive review at Dear Author)
Beautiful Mess spent Christmas 2011 in the erotica and romance top tens across most vendors
Some funny people recorded an audio version
In other words: freebies, my friends. "Publicity" doesn't even cover it.

The WHORED series debuted in February and June 2012, respectively. And since then...

Chairman has been nominated for an RT Reviewer's Choice award, and received an extended review
Both novels have been namechecked by authors way cooler than me
I sold enough copies to keep me going through a pretty horrible divorce (from a person who told me my writing would never make me any money. HA. (Ahem).)
There are some nice people looking into optioning movies. Which would be kind of amazing.

And then there's the other stuff...

I'm an editor now, which is awesome.

My paranormal TV series, BLOOD FIZZ POP, got optioned by Midsummer Films, and is now in development. It features a sarcastic ginger vampire who's addicted to Pepsi, his snarky human girlfriend, and a pair of warring alien siblings who will probably destroy the world before they destroy each other. Watch this space ;)

If you bought any of my books--or told someone else about my books--this year, I'd like to say a very big thank you. And I'd like to wish you all a very wonderful 2013.

CHAIRMAN OF THE WHORED nominated for an RT Reviewer's Choice Award

posted by Lucy V Morgan


Somebody break out the moderately priced fizz! My debut novel, Chairman Of The Whored, has been nominated for an RT Reviewer's Choice Award in the E-book Erotic Romance Category. I am rather proud.

RT did a big extended review on the novel some months ago, which I was pretty stoked to get. Fingers crossed that it leads to yet more good things. If you've ever told a friend that you love this book, or left a review anywhere: thank you, thank you, thank you.

As Aidan would say: this is almost as good as the night we did that American guy with only one ball.

Congratulations to all the other nominees too!

Ice Queens: Guest Post by Vanessa North

posted by Lucy V Morgan


A while back, I beta-read an edgy, steamy story by Vanessa North. That book became Two In Winter, and Vanessa has stopped by today to talk a little about her heroine, Getty, and the journey she takes throughout the story.

What I love about Getty is that she doesn't just take an erotic journey (although many scenes are pretty damn erotic); she takes an emotional one, too. If you need that extra dimension for your heroines, I think you'll like this book. 

I'll shut up now and let Vanessa talk.

In celebration of Ice Queens everywhere...

She’s a well-used character trope. She’s cold, she’s unattainable, she’s bitchy. She’s usually beautiful and often rich and outrageously talented. She’s sometimes a villain and sometimes a parent, and sometimes the hero’s ex-girlfriend who is the reason he’ll never trust another woman until the plucky heroine shows him that not all women are like that.

I love ice queens. The colder? The bitchier? The better.

I love the hard shell around the vulnerable squishy inside. I love how they surprise you by turning out to be warm and caring when you least expect it. They set their own expectations for themselves and live up to them. And when they melt...? They trigger an avalanche.

Two in Winter is the story of an ice queen and the man who makes her melt.

Getty has her life all planned out—and she’s used to getting everything she wants. She’s nurtured her business to success and now she wants to have a baby all on her own. She won’t let her attraction to a handsome doctor steer her off course.

Eric is still feeling the sting of his recent divorce, so he’s not looking for a relationship, but after sharing a steamy dance with a mysterious woman in a darkened club, he can’t help but want to get to know her. Unfortunately, she took off when she found out he gets women pregnant for a living.

When Eric finds out Getty’s a patient at the fertility clinic where he works, he tries to find a way for them to be together without risking his job. Meanwhile, she keeps him at arm’s length until she discovers even the best-laid plans can go awry. Can she let go of the life she’s planned in order to take a chance on a life with Eric?

Vanessa North lives in Northwest Georgia with her handsome husband, not-quite-civilized twin boy-children, and a pack of dogs. Visit her blog here, and follow her on Twitter at @VanessaNWrites.

Giveaway: Rediscovering Danielle by Kenny Wright

posted by Lucy V Morgan


I've been a little lax on the blogging lately...have been a very busy editor. But one of the things I've been editing is this delicious little story by Kenny Wright, an erotica author who's a dab hand at a lush male perspective. If you enjoyed the voyeuristic scenes in The Whored Series, you might very well like Rediscovering Danielle--and you can enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below to win a copy!

Golden blonde hair to match her golden skin. Rich blue eyes. Tiny black dress. Legs encased in black silk that went on and on. She sat alone at the bar, waiting.

Dean’s drinking buddies thought she was hot, and as Dean watched her cross her legs and bring the Cosmo to her lips, he couldn’t deny it.

She was also his wife… Danielle.

If you like male-perspective erotic romance where the girls behave just a little bit badly (and their partners love them all the more for it), you can check out some of Kenny's other titles too. Click here to check out his books on Amazon, Smashwords and B&N.

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Scorching Reviews' BDSM Blog Hop + Win A Book

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,


Helloah :)

Today, I'm participating in Scorching Reviews' BDSM Blog Hop--another blog hopping event for readers with loads of cool prizes in store. Lots of authors are talking about their favourite BDSM books...and so am I. In fact, I'm giving away a paper copy as part of the hop.

Falling Under by Danielle Younge-Ullman is one of my favourite books. It's not a "lifestyle" BDSM book--in the same way that Chairman Of The Whored isn't a lifestyle book--and it follows the journey of one girl and many men, as opposed to a single romance. But it's brutal, cutting, heartbreaking and heartwarming, all at the same time...which is exactly how I think a BDSM relationship often is. If you want to read about flawed characters making tough choices--and enjoying a little rough stuff along the way--this book is for you. Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for the chance to win a paperback copy. It's open to both UK and international readers.

And don't forget to enter the bloghop-wide contest for the book vouchers, either :)

 Gutsy and provocative, FALLING UNDER is the story of a reclusive young artist struggling to connect, and brave the world again.

Mara Foster is a mess. A rollercoaster of a childhood made a survivor of her, but as an adult she is a mass of contradictions and unrealized potential. Talented, fierce and smart, but burdened by a host of anxieties, Mara finds it difficult to leave the house most days, much less imagine anything resembling normalcy.

Then Mara meets Hugo, and the walls she has built around herself begin to crumble. As she fights for a breakthrough both in her art and in life, she must come to terms with her complicated past, in order to gain a second chance at happiness.

Written in spare, crisp prose and marked by wry humor, FALLING UNDER is a gripping contemporary tale of human frailty, friendship, and hard-earned redemption.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Whored Short: Tremble

posted by Lucy V Morgan on

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Spoiler Alert: This short is set months after the end of The Whored's Prayer and will contain spoilers for both Whored novels. 

"Is this your girl fucking outfit?" -- Joseph

To: leila.vaughn@merchantdeity.com
From: elise.nakamura-mccoll@gmail.com
Date: 11 February 2012
Subject: Stupid Valentine's!!

Hey chick ;)

Thought I'd better start mailing you from here because...well. You know.

I can't believe our men. I expected it from Joe, kind of (don't hate me! You know what I mean) but Kenji would never have organised to go out on Valentine's before we got married :( Now their stupid poker game is somehow more important? Bah. Like I gave him a get-out-of-jail-free card?
Aaaaaanyway. You want to do something? We don't get in until the afternoon on the 13th so I'll have loads of time to sleep off the jet lag. I was kinda hoping we could meet up alone anyway (blushing here!) but what the hell...

Lise xxx


To: elise.nakamura-mccoll@gmail.com
From: leila.vaughn@merchantdeity.com
Date: 11 February 2012
Subject: Re. Stupid Valentine's!!


Will you be my Valentine? :P

Leila Vaughn
Senior Partner
Merchant Deity at Law


To: leila.vaughn@merchantdeity.com
From: elise.nakamura-mccoll@gmail.com
Date: 11 February 2012
Subject: Re: re: Stupid Valentine's!!

Lol! I was worried you'd think I was corny or something because I know you don't do all the lovey holiday stuff. But I do. You know I do!
And yes, I will be your Valentine!! Exciting. I can't wait for England again. What shall we do? Some place classy for dinner?



To: elise.nakamura-mccoll@gmail.com
From: leila.vaughn@merchantdeity.com
Date: 12 February 2012
Subject: Re: re: re: Stupid Valentine's!!

I booked us a suite here: http://www.athenaeumhotel.com/rooms/spacious_suites.aspx

Wear something pretty. I loved that purple dress you wore to Claridges last time.

We're going to play poker too ;)

Leila Vaughn
Senior Partner
Merchant Deity at Law


To: leila.vaughn@merchantdeity.com
From: elise.nakamura-mccoll@gmail.com
Date: 12 February 2012
Subject: Re: re: re: re: Stupid Valentine's!!

Oh wow. Leila. I like our version of poker so much better. Cough cough!

Guess I'd better go shopping, huh? (blushing again) Wait til I tell Kenji about this...



"You," Joseph mumbled into my hair, "are unbelievable."
I grinned, easing him away so he didn't spoil my loose waves. Then I threw my arms out and span around. "What do you think? Will she like it?"
He gave me his sharp little once-over: shiny black heels, bare legs, and a flare of a black skirt from my dress's tight bodice. He, I think, would've added stockings...but then I wasn't dressing up for him.
"Is this your girl-fucking outfit?" he asked.
"I hope so." I stepped toward him and toyed with the collar of his shirt. "Would you fuck me in this, Mr. Merchant?"
He pressed his mouth to my ear. "I'd have you over the kitchen counter with that skirt pulled up around your arse."
"How vulgar."
"Of course. My mistake." He patted my bottom with enough force to summon a mew of pleasure from my lips. "Does Elise know she's being seduced?"
"I'm not entirely sure."
"Little predator." He smirked with pride before he ducked to kiss me.
"Am not. She and I, we've been playing for ages now...and we always wanted to be alone together..."
"Take pictures for me."
"You wish." I swatted him around the head. "My car will be here. I need to get going."
He drew me in for a goodbye kiss--slow, tongue-laced, sucking. "You be careful now. Don't go converting to lesbianism and running away to Tibet, or something."
"Bah. You foiled my evil plan." With a final kiss brushed on his collarbone, I pulled my pea coat on and grabbed my overnight bag. "See you in the morning. Don't beat Kenji too hard at poker."
Joseph stood back and folded his arms. "As if I would."


Our suite at the Athenaeum was far more gorgeous in lamplight than it'd looked in cheery sun. On the website, daylight had poured through the huge glass windows to bounce off the gloss of the perspex four-poster or the mirrored chest of drawers. At night, with the pale glow of lamps in the near-dark, the shiny surfaces looked ethereal. Gorgeous. Coupled with the glass vases of lily of the valley, and the way its light, floral perfume rode the air, it was all a bit romantic.
That should have seemed strange considering I'd booked this suite for Elise, but it didn't. Not at all.
I knew she'd be thrilled. Joseph was right; I hadn't yet seduced her. Not out of her clothes. But over the past year or so, we'd kissed and fumbled at the end of each night out, curled up on the sofa while Joe and Ken watched. I think she felt safe like that, felt justified. This idea of liking girls--of them being more than friends--was still so new to her, and I hadn't ever wanted to push.
But I missed being with women. Playmates were hard enough to come by--by my exacting standards, anyway--and I'd been teased by Elise for so long now, even if she didn't realise she was doing it. I wanted to show her what it was like to make love to another girl. It struck me that I should be more nervous than I was, because she could panic and say no...but I didn't think she would. I'd had my hand in her knickers more than once while we kissed, and I knew how hot and wet it made her.
I'd arrived twenty minutes early and there was nothing to do but wait. So I kicked off my heels, lit all the cinnamon-scented candles I'd brought with me, and switched on the TV to find a movie. The Champagne and strawberries that I'd pre-ordered already sat on the table in buckets of dripping ice.
Elise knocked three times and I sprang up to answer.
"Oh my God!" She squealed, launching herself at me the way she always did. Her Louis Vuitton evening bag landed heavily on the floor as we embraced in the doorway. God, she smelled good, even above the scent of the candles: like flowers and sugar. Her hair was soft and cool as ever on my warm cheek.
"This place is gorgeous," she exclaimed, stepping in. Her little sling back heels click-clicked along the wooden floor as she gazed about. "Candles! You got candles!"
I carried her bag towards the bed. "Cinnamon. Like those doughnuts you like so much."
"Aw. Leila, that's...sweet." She smoothed down the ruffle that scored the corseted bodice of her dress. The pencil skirt hugged her hips and flared out with her ass, and she wore a matching ruffled clip in her chocolate-coloured hair. "It's all so cute."
"Told you purple looks good on you."
Colour rushed to her cheeks. "Really?"
Then it seemed she'd caught sight of the double bed, realised what it implied, and her blush deepened to scarlet. "Oh my God."
"I'm going to make you drink a glass of Champagne every time you say that in future." I padded over to the table and held the bottle up. "And I know what you're like--drunk in no time."
"Leila. Hotel suite and alcohol? You're like a frickin' teenage boy."
I let the Champagne drop back into its bucket with a wet slop of ice. "Is that...bad?"
"Well. Rich teenage boy."
"With excellent taste." I gestured to the candle-lit room as she strode over. "And I promise not to call you a cock tease."
Elise lingered beside me, just inches away, for a moment. No matter how subtle I tried to be, she wouldn't look me in the eye; instead she chewed her lip and drew a pattern on the floor with the tip of her designer shoe.
"Lise," I said softly. "Sit down."
That did it. Magic words. She flushed again as she sank back on the sofa and I knelt to undo her shoes. "These are luscious. Choos?" I traced the slim little grooves of her ankle.
"Ah...no. Marc Jacobs." Oh, how she watched me, all wide-eyed and trembling as if I was her very first. And how I watched her: the way her teeth played on that lip reminded me of my first hotel room with Charlie. I wasn't a virgin--far from it--but he sure as hell showed me a few new things that night. From him, I learned how oral sex is meant to be for a woman--slow and knowing, rhythmic until she comes. And I wondered, then, exactly what I could teach Elise.
"You've got the naughtiest look on your face," she said.
I peeled her second heel off and skimmed my palm up her smooth calf. "I've missed your legs."
She giggled. "Don't change the subject!"
"I mean it. They're like this perfect shade of tan that would just look silly on me." Or anyone red-haired, in England. "What do you do, wax them?"
She nodded.
"Brave girl." I came up on my knees and inched towards her. When I took her face in my hands, she giggled again. "Is all of this okay?"
Elise kneaded her hands in her lap, unsure what to do with them. I'd have laid them on my waist but I wanted the little shiver of a thrill when she finally decided to touch me, all by herself.
"Yeah. Um." She looked down. "I've thought about this a lot, you know."
"I did wonder."
"H-have you?"
"Yes." A devious grin made its way across my face. "Especially when we're doing our little show for the boys."
I stroked the hair from her face, nudged her chin up to meet glassy eyes. "So...did you buy purple underwear for me, too?"
She said nothing, but the returning riot of a blush said yes.
And then I kissed her.
It was always me who initiated, but I got off on that. Fizzed and popped with the power. Joseph was the boss in our relationship and I wouldn't have changed that for anything, but knowing I could tell Elise what to do--could lead, guide, corrupt her--made me swell with heat and promise.
She tasted as sweet as she smelled. You kiss a girl's mouth the way you kiss the lips of her pussy, and the symmetry of it takes me to dirty places. Soon my tongue met hers, and I nipped and sucked her top lip as if it was the plump bloom of her clit. Elise's whimpers died in our tangle of lips.
"Leila." Her hands finally found my shoulders as she eased me away. "I...I don't want to be drunk for this."
"You're trembling," I whispered. "You want a glass to take the edge off?"
"No. I like the trembling." Her fingers played down across my breasts and came to stroke the erect bump of my nipple. "Keep making me tremble."
She lowered herself beside me for our next kiss. I kept her hands on my breasts, moaned softly as she stroked there; we were well practised in this shy dance of petting. Before, I'd bitten her nipples through the fabric of her clothes and she'd slipped her hands down my trousers to cup my ass, but for the first time, we were more than experimental foreplay.
I was going to make her come, and she knew it. That deserved an oh my God. A hundred of them. What would she say when I finally pushed her off the edge? I'd heard her come once, late at night on the roof of a hotel...but I was too busy falling into Joseph to commit her sighs to memory.
Not tonight.
I made the most of her bare legs, grazing my nails along in barely-there strokes. She relaxed against the sofa, parted her knees enough for me to reach her thighs, and it wasn't long before I began to rub the heel of my hand along the sensitive insides.
"We've only been in the room for ten minutes." I dragged my tongue over her collarbone. "Look at the state of us."
"I guess you really do like purple, huh?"
I kissed her, mewing at her growing enthusiasm. "I think you just can't keep your hands off me."
"It's the accent." She cupped my breast with more pressure, and a naughty smile spread to the corners of her eyes. "Gets me every time."
"Oh. You want me to talk dirty to you, Lise?"
She laughed. "God. I suck at that."
"Mmm. Bet I could teach you."
"Really, I suck. I bet you can't."
I nipped her earlobe before whispering, "your kisses make me wet."
She took slow, uneven breaths while I suckled tiny welts on her neck.
"Yeah." I returned to her mouth. "They make me think about going down on you."
"I...Wow." Her little breaths took a lurch. "You...you know I've never done that before."
"Don't worry, baby. I'm going to do you first."
No more words. She moaned again, and our tongues quivered against each other with the force of it.
"Do you like it? Does Ken do that for you?"
"Yes." She found my zipper, pawed at it like she couldn't translate her desire. "And yes."
"Does it make you come?"
I pushed hair from her face in silky brown handfuls. "I won't stop until you do."
"Then I guess we're wearing too many clothes." She paused. Grinned at me. Burst out laughing. "Yeah, I really did just say that."
"You're right. Your dirty talk sucks."
"Just shut up, Leila. And take your dress off."
"Bossy, aren't we?" I got to my feet and reached for my half-open zipper. "Is this okay, or do you want to tell me how to stand, too?"
Elise moved up to the sofa again. Falling back on her hands, she gave me that innocent, lovely scrutiny once more. "This is good."
The tight neckline of my dress meant I had to stretch right up to peel it off. I hadn't worn a bra--no point in that outfit--and so I stood before her in just my knickers. And what pretty knickers they were.
Men don't appreciate knickers like this: they might lie, might feign interest, might be grateful for whatever they get, but this kind of gorgeousness is wasted on them. They like tight and teasing. These were black satin and full-backed, though were cut to expose the little tendons at the apex of my thighs, and they tied at the sides with bows of thick black ribbon. Best of all were the frills that poured down the cheeks of my ass in a swishy tail: this was what I needed that flared skirt for. I felt like a burlesque whore.
Elise gazed first at my naked shoulders, then dropped to the peaks of my nipples, stiff as they were in the air-conditioned suite. She followed the flat of my belly to my underwear, and it was then that I turned to wiggle the lace tail.
"Oh," she gasped. "So pretty."
"I know."
"Can I touch?"
I tugged her up by the wrist, placed her hands on the ribbon ties, and kissed her with enough passion to usher another whimper. As she stroked and pulled at the fabric--and God, when it caught the swelling lips of my pussy, I wanted to yelp--I worked on her zipper.
She wore a bra beneath the dress: strapless, seamless moulded cups. A lighter shade of purple, lilac maybe. She panted as I squeezed her there before flicking the hooks apart--I needed the soft mash of her breasts against mine. This was the first time we'd seen each other bare like this and every inch of me cried out to see, taste, smell. Feel.
Her knickers--panties--were just ghostly wisps of matching lilac. And tight. I traced the hem over her buttocks, followed the strap along her hips to brush her mound.
"Back on the floor, Lise," I said. "Lie on the rug."
"Now who's being bossy?"
"I want to see you."
Elise, almost naked: she reminded me of those eighteenth century paintings where the women are splayed and rounded. Hair pooled on the light brown rug, heavy breasts tipped with pale nipples, knees drawn up together; if it wasn't for the dirty-girl knickers, she'd have passed for someone's muse. Sitting beside her, I stroked her belly from hip to hip and teased at her navel.
"You look like dessert," I said.
She giggled again. "I do?"
"Yep. And dessert requires garnish." I reached for the bowl of strawberries on the table. "These will be cold, baby."
I placed the first slice of strawberry between her breasts. Its tapered edges pointed below to her pussy in a red swell of suggestion. Before decorating her nipples similarly, I warmed each of them with light, teasing strokes.
Elise went to cup my breasts as I leaned over, but I swatted her away.
"Nuh-uh. Hands by your sides."
"Meanie." She grinned though. "If it's just you touching me, this kinda feels like one of those spa treatments--"
"There are treatments where they cover your girl parts in strawberries? Because I'm sure as hell getting one."
"You know what I mean!"
I laid little slices of red fruit down her belly, and they shook as she laughed.
"I do. Now close your eyes."
"I want to watch, Leila."
"Oh you do, huh?" I climbed to straddle her, caressing her cheeks as I smiled down. "What is it you want to see me do, exactly?"
"I just...I like looking at you like this. With no clothes," she added.
I toyed with one strawberry-topped nipple. "Want to see me kiss you here?"
She sighed. Her back arched, ever so slightly. "Yes."
I drew my hand away.
"Please," she whispered.
When I kissed her this time, she returned it with confidence born out of desperation. She was probably already soaked, and though I longed to slip her knickers off and see for myself, this was her first time. I had to be patient.
Becoming Charlotte had been very good practise for this, but tonight, I was all me.
I took the strawberry between her breasts in my teeth, and we shared it. Its juices spread on her lips and I diligently licked them clean. Then I edged down, cupping her left breast in both hands, and pressed a thumb either side of her nipple. A gentle manipulation created a slow tease of a massage.
She waited for me to suck her there. Though she'd finally closed her eyes, I knew. That was when I succumbed to the black too--when desire got too much and I couldn't stand the air against my eyeballs.
Finally, I ate the strawberry from her nipple. I spent a long moment chewing and swallowing--God, how I loved to make her wait. When she arched further, pushed her nipple up right between my thumbs, I squeezed it just a little. And then I bent to lick and suck.
Ah, this was so much better than doing it through her clothes. The helpless little mews flew from her, and her hips rocked beneath me, anxious for friction. I kept up the massage as I kissed her there.
"I'm going to do this exact same thing to your clit," I murmured.
Elise's whole body tensed. "Oh God."
In a moment, I switched breasts, maintaining the same light cupping and pressure. She'd lost any nerves about our naughtiness--the clean arch of her back offered the strawberry right to my mouth, and her moan as I suckled was exquisite. I had to pull away, needed a look at her. Already, a flush spread along her collarbone and her breath came in little pants.
She needed me to take off those knickers. Hell knows, I was ready to oblige.
"Bottoms up, Lise." I grinned as I slid off the slivers of lace, backing away to pull them from around her feet. Before she could spread and show me how wet she was, I sat beside her again and set to work on the slices of fruit on her belly.
"Naked for me, now," I mumbled against her skin.
"I know."
I tongued strawberry juice from her navel. "Nervous?"
"A little," she breathed.
"I'm going to help you relax, okay?"
My own nipples sat against her thigh and I loved the way they rubbed. When it was finally my turn, I wouldn't last long. The liquid mess in my knickers told me so.
"Spread your legs for me, baby."
Elise obeyed, and I sat up to watch as she exposed herself for me. Until now, we'd been playmates. Each other's toys. There was nobody else in the room to stimulate her desire but me, and we were about to become genuine lovers.
Now I filled my eyes with the sight of her, drank every last detail in. She'd evidently waxed more than her legs; a neat little strip of hair led to bare, swollen lips, open and already sticky.
"Am I okay?" she whispered.
"Gorgeous." I kissed her hip bone. "God, Lise. You look so hot."
"Feels like it."
Time to decorate again. I took a fat wedge of strawberry and pressed it right between her outer lips, over her clit. She yelped softly as the cold hit.
"I've never been eaten like this," she said.
"No." I climbed between her legs and dropped to lie on my belly. "You haven't."
Then I spent a long time massaging her inner thighs. Occasionally, I pressed my palm over her mound with just an eensy bit of pressure, but quickly returned to the soft flesh of her legs and hips. She put on a little show for me like that, bucking and sighing her frustration, and the way her lips grew thicker and wetter was beautiful. It was all I could do not to plunge two fingers inside.
Finally, I ate the strawberry covering her clit. She moaned before I even closed in, as she felt my breath, and then sounded her disappointment as I left the bud untouched.
"Patience." I toyed with her outer lips to expose her clit.
"I just...I just want..."
"I know." I teased her hood very lightly with a fingertip. "Here?"
"Please. Please."
"Poor thing. I'm so mean to you."
"Yeah, you--oh my God."
She felt me then. Felt my tongue swirl over her firm, swollen clit. It tasted like strawberry and flushed, writhing girl. Delicious. I got comfortable, laid my hands on her skin and ate at her like a melting ice cream: pink lips, just inside to the wet heat of her pussy, and then back up to her beautiful clit. I kept to the sides this time to tease.
There are few things more arousing to me than the scent of an open pussy just inches from my face. I love the soft little lapping sounds as I suck her, tongue her, open her with my fingers. I love the way she struggles to meet my touch one second and then darts to manipulate it the next. In the end, I had to hold Elise still, and her sighs grew louder when she had no choice but to accept my suckling kisses.
A bit of me had worried that she'd bottle it at this point, that there was a reason she'd never let me go this far before. That maybe she liked the idea of it more than the reality. But lying here with her, listening to her struggle not to moan too loudly and watching her grow ever more ready, I wondered exactly how much she'd thought about this. Which fantasy I was fulfilling. How long had she wanted us to fuck?
Now came my favourite part of all. I rubbed a finger around the opening of her pussy as I lapped her clit.
"Good girl," I mumbled. Then I pushed down inside her. She closed in on me immediately and yelped as I stroked her inner walls. So hot, slick...she grew increasingly tight. With a second finger added, I curled them up towards her clit and slowly, slowly circled.
"Ow." Elise jerked and pressed the back of my head. "Like that. Yeah."
Any other time, I'd have paused now, made her wait and beg. But I had a feeling she'd beg anyway--I knew she was close, felt it in the way her muscles bore down--and it was our first time like this. I didn't want her orgasm to fall away, to spend another half hour building it up again; I wanted it to hit her like a ton of bricks. My own thighs shook now and my skin prickled with adrenaline-charged cool heat--you know the kind. She was so wet, so delightfully noisy, and her pelvis had pulled taut with need.
"You close, baby?" The sound of the words vibrated into her clit. I knew the answer anyway but longed to hear her say it.
"Oh, yeah." She arched into me once more. "Please, just like that..."
So I coaxed her. Walked my fingers against the rough spot inside. Pushed my tongue up beneath her clit and told the story of an hour: quarter past, half past, quarter to...
She tensed, broke, tensed again. Knotted her fingers in my hair. Her inner muscles curved around me inside, squeeze squeeze squeeze. On the stroke of midnight--third hour--Elise came in my mouth.
The yelps poured from her. I recognised every scrape of a movement: the rolling bounce of her hips, the ebbing clutch of her pussy. Her clit throbbed right against the flat of my tongue. As she came down, she sucked breath from the air, murmuring "oh my God, oh my God." I didn't let up until she dropped her fistfuls of hair, and when I nipped her inner thighs, she moaned again.
"I can't believe I just did that." Her voice trembled with the rest of her.
"I can't believe we waited this long." I kissed my way up her belly, cupping her breasts before licking my fingers. "Seems crazy now."
"I...I know."
I pressed the fingers to her lips and she paused for a second before tasting. The sight of her little pink tongue, the rough-velvet slide of it on my skin--it made me tighten.
I kissed her. I needed her to taste herself fully, to feel her slow against my mouth as she recognised the flavour. Now I was the noisy one, couldn't help it; we'd just had sex and the scent of her was over me. My turn next. Oh, please.
As I settled beside her, the kisses turned lazy. Gluttonous. I couldn't resist nudging her legs apart and slipping a digit inside to see how wet she still was. When a girl is aroused, the way she tightens makes me shiver; but after, when she's soaked and more than a little slack, I love to rub back up into her spot and feel her contract again. Little aftershocks. Elise willingly opened for me and didn't protest when I massaged her clit.
"You feel amazing," I said.
"I bet you do too." She pulled away, her breath evening, her gaze coming to rest on my breasts. Then she nudged the hand that worked between her legs. "Let...let me do this now. For you, I mean."
"Mmm." I sat back against the edge of the sofa, tipping my head from side to side to relieve some of the tension on my neck (you never notice at the time, but going down on a girl will totally give you a vague shadow of whiplash. Cumlash?).
She reached for the strawberries, now swimming in ice-slush, and we shared another slice in a sweet kiss.
"I want to do the strawberries thing," she murmured, "but it feels kind of unoriginal now."
I laughed. "Do what you want, Lise."
"Oh really?"
I stroked her hair again--God, I wish I had hair as smooth and shiny as hers. "I'm yours."
That made her freeze. Her eyes met mine, wide and expectant. "For tonight."
"I'm yours for as long as you can make me come."
Elise dipped her fingers into the strawberry ice and drew long, cold-sharp paths to my nipples.
"For as long as I can make you come, huh?" Her breath grew heavy again; I joined her, panting in anticipation. When her mouth finally fell on my nipple, I cried out. She worked a steady rhythm and I returned it, desperate for her tongue.
"Trust me...it won't take long."
She didn't share my patience; it was lucky I no longer cared for waiting. Perhaps she was eager to please too, because she soon tugged the ribbons on my knickers open and peeled the damp satin from under me. I spread my thighs immediately, ready to please myself if she didn't, but her hand slid right down to explore. She'd never touched my bare pussy before, hadn't been as brave as me during our sofa sessions, so I was surprised at how quickly she found my clit and delighted with the way she circled it--her fingers were clumsy, but there was something cute about it.
"I like that," I panted.
"You're soft."
Ooh. She's going to dirty talk me.
"And sticky," she added, her fingers dropping to pull on my pussy lips. I closed my eyes and nodded.
"For you, baby."
"God. I know."
We lay like that for long minutes; her mouth on my nipples, her hand between my legs. She never quite got the nerve up to touch me inside--just stroked, stroked--and I began to wonder if she was brave enough. If I should push.
"Lise...I need..."
I tugged her hand from my pussy and suckled the fingers, hungrier than seemed dignified. Shock drew her eyebrows together before fascination separated them, and she allowed her thumb to rest in the cradle of my tongue. But she didn't buy the hint.
I smiled as I finished. "I want your mouth on me."
"Oh." She chewed her lip; yep, she was nervous. "Oh. I--how?"
"Sit up."
I straddled her lap again, this time with her back straight against the sofa. When I came up on my knees, my pussy was just inches from her face. I could ride her mouth this way and do a little more of the work. Control things, if she needed me to. If.
With my eyes glued to hers, I gathered her hands, brought them to my thighs. Then I bunched her hair up in my fists and nudged her toward me gently.
"Touch me inside," I begged.
She inched her fingers around. Parted my lips, felt for the opening--not that she couldn't navigate, but I was so wet that she slipped and slid. At long last, two digits pressed me open and I couldn't contain the eruption of sighs--she found my spot right away. The relief was sweet, aching, euphoric. I needed this so badly. Ah. I needed to ride her fingers too, but before that I had to guide her further, so I dropped a hand down to expose my clit.
"Lick me here. I want to feel your tongue."
Elise mewed softly. Right then, it was the sexiest thing I'd ever heard, this affirmation that she loved to look at such an intimate part of me. She coaxed me forward with a light spank and then the cool suite air turned into her warm mouth. I still wanted to ride--it was all I wanted--but I stayed still while she tasted me. Luxuriated in it. Her tongue was gorgeously coarse and slow.
When she began to suck, I knew I could move. I rolled my hips toward her and let the first waves wash over me: jumpy little clenches, sweet and sharp as the sensations that she melted into my clit. Soon her fingers twisted and curved, and my pussy pulled them in with each hot, wet contraction. Though still hesitant, between her generous mouth and my rhythm, she was beginning to get me off...and those little noises she made as she licked me, those girly whimpers and grunts: God.
"Lise." I tightened my hands in her hair. "I'm going to--ah, like that, I'm going to--"
She corkscrewed her fingers into me. Suckled my clit as she lathed it. Mumbled "come on, baby," into my flesh, her tone so lazy and languid that it shoved me right over. I yelped and cursed and as I bucked into her mouth, my hips possessed with some desperate rush of a climax that needed to move, move, now. The wet squishing sounds told me I'd gushed a little...she made me do it. I couldn't help the way I'd let go.
I steadied myself by grasping her shoulders. "Oh my God."
"That's-that's my saying," she managed, still talking into my pussy. "Thief."
"Thief yourself." With trembling legs--made of jelly, as the cliché told--I climbed back down to slump next to her. As I nuzzled her neck, she wiped her glossy chin with already-sopping fingers and and then gleefully licked them clean. My little protégée. Beautiful.
"So..." She played with my hair. "Did we just have, like...girl sex?"
Her shoulder muffled my giggles."Yeah. We did." I brushed kisses from her left nipple to her mouth. "Did you like it?"
"I--" Another kiss cut her off. She tasted like me, all gin and sugar and lukewarm water. "Couldn't you tell?"
"I did notice a little," I teased, "but I wanted to make sure."
"Not sure I could ever fake an orgasm like that."
"I'd know if you did."
"Lesbianism has its drawbacks then. What do you guys say over here? Bugger!"
I laughed, my skin sticking to hers still with our gossamer sheen of sweat. "Like you'd ever need to fake it for me."
"I could be tired, or sick. Or thinking of...England." She tugged me sideways so our nipples brushed together. "Though to be honest...can't see that happening."
"Anyway. We're not lesbians." I gave her a playful kiss. "We're bi."
"That sounds way too cool for me!"
"We're cool and bi." I wrapped my arms around Elise's neck, lost myself in the flowers-and-sex scent of her. "Which makes us completely awesome. And I haven't even whacked out the toys yet."
"There are toys?" Her eyes widened.
"Mmm. But I'm going to get you drunk first because Joe said I have to take pictures."
She sniggered. "Ken said that too."
"Our poor, deluded menfolk. What do you think they're doing right now?"
"Pretending to play poker. And thinking about us having sex."
I grinned at her. "I know what I'd rather be doing."
"Me too, baby." Elise kissed me slower than she had all evening, dragging like way she'd licked my clit. "Girl power. Yay feminism. I like pussy!"
"Shut up, you moron."
She patted my ass with her cool palm, and bent to whisper in my ear. "Make me."


When I got back to the apartment the next day, it was almost lunchtime. Joseph hadn't booked the morning off like me--he should have been at work.
So why was he face down on the bed, completely naked, his thick legs tangled in the sheets?
I shook his shoulder.
"Joe? You alive?"
He groaned into the pillow. "Whuh?"
"Mr. Merchant. You were due at the office about three hours ago."
He rolled over to display an impressive erection, swatting himself in the face. "Fuck."
"Indeed." I kicked my shoes off and straddled his lap--maybe a little cock attention would wake him properly. "Exactly how much did you drink last night?"
"Not that much."
"Pfft. I believe you. And when did you get in?"
"'Bout four hours ago."
I stifled a fit of giggles. "What the hell? You played poker all night?"
"No." He cleared his throat and blinked at me with those lush green eyes. Even beneath the weight of sleep, they held sway over me. "We started reminiscing about uni stuff. Bought some cigars, put the football on...it got late..."
"Rock and indeed, roll."
"Oh, fuck you, you little madam." He clutched me by the waist and pawed my skirt. "Take your knickers off."
"Who says I'm wearing knickers?"
A jolt. Now he was awake. "Are you telling me that uptight little miss Harvard went home with your underwear this morning?"
I grinned. "Maybe."
"You should be ashamed of yourself."
"Yeah. That's why you look so damn proud."
He hauled himself up to kiss my bottom lip. "Does my baby have a girlfriend?"
"Shh." I bit his earlobe. "It's a secret."
His very strong, wide, male hand inched along my thigh until it cupped my bare pussy. He pressed two fingers just an inch inside me, enough to guide me forth on to his cock.
"Tell me your secrets. You know how much I like those."
I sank on to his cock with a strangled little moan. The way he stretched and filled me never failed to knock the breath from my lungs, no matter how rough or gentle he was--not that Joseph Merchant was gentle with me often.
"Come on," he urged, coaxing me into his thrusts.
I closed my eyes, beginning to drift despite the sleepy pleasure. "I'm tired, Joe. You weren't the only one up all ni--ow!"
"Oh. Honey. Are you sore too...?"
I thought back to the glass toy I'd taught Elise to stroke inside me. "Yeah."
"You want me to be gentle? You have to tell." He pulled me further on to his cock, gave me no choice but to surrender. "Be a good girl."
"Mmm..." I laid my cheek on his shoulder, my spine tingling from the blunt orgasm he'd begun to conjure between my thighs. "See. It started--ah--with a bowl of strawberries..."