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Happy (Festive) Friday

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Do you hear that? The strange cooing sound closely followed by a bleat of manical laughter? That would be my weekend calling: you are wodged to the gills with STUFF, Lucy. No break for you! Muahaha!

Is anyone else this batshit busy close to Christmas? Where did all these errands come from...?

Still. It has been a good week in authorland:

1) BEAUTIFUL MESS hit iBooks/iTunes, and it's doing rather well (I hit the top of the romance charts in Australia. This is the part where I put on a terrible accent and say stuff like "g'day, mate!" Ahem. I'm also resisting all puns on erotica doing well Down Under....ah, wait. See what I did there? I'll be quiet now). Anyway, if you've downloaded it (you should. It's free. Don't look a gifthorse in the webpage), merci.

2) First edits for THE WHORED'S PRAYER are done and dusted. There's nothing quite like reading through your manuscript, tweaking bits for your editor and thinking, "this needs more knife sex." I know, I know--bet it happens to you all the time.

3) I've started work on the pilot episode for BLOOD FIZZ POP. The new year will hopefully bring some more news in that regard, preferably in the form of production companies falling to their knees and vigorously masturbating over the pitch. I will even hand them tissues and peel their grapes for afters. (The closest it came to this during the last meeting was actually me spilling hot chocolate over myself in a Bridget Jones-esque  fashion. Not really the hot erruption I was after).

4) I have liquor. Liquor liquor liquor.

I shall leave you with this. It cheers me up.
I'm festive and I know it


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