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Hello! I have surfaced from the editing cave to bring you the wet slop of joy that is the BEAUTIFUL MESS promo tour. My debut novella launches in a week--Friday 25th November--and now my ARCs have flown  the e-nest (fly, my pretties! Flyyyyy!), I will be spreading myself around book blogs in a rather loose fashion.

First up, there'll be a giveaway to compliment the first posted review on Sizzling Hot Books on Nov 20th. If you want to get your hands on a copy five days early, do stop by!

On 23rd Nov, I'll be at The Book Bordello for a Book Spotlight. It sounds invasive. Let's hope it's nothing like going to the dentist (well. Maybe the drugs).

25th Nov--cough LAUNCH DAY cough--I'll be over at Kenny Wright's fab erotic blog, sharing some out-takes and extracts. Kenny's site was the obvious place to launch; not only is he an awesome crit partner, but he also designed the cover, and he'll be sharing some notes on that process too.

The following day, 26th Nov, I do the walk of shame over to Reading Between The Wines, where I'll be talking about the joys of beta heroes with Heroes: I Like 'Em Messy. I'll be introducing Tom, Linc and Olly too.

I'll be joining buoyant women's fic author Brooke Moss for an interview on 29th Nov. I promise not to swear.

On 5th Dec, I'll be sprawled across the pretty pages of Sugar Beat Books for another interview.

And finally, on Dec 20th, I'll be over on Books and Kisses for yet more guesting. Phew.

There are a couple more dates yet to be arranged, so expect me all over your blog reader like a strangely pleasant rash. Indeed, if you'd like a review copy or to host me, I'm happy to reciprocate, so please shout.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who's offered to host me, or requested an ARC. It's all very much appreciated!


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