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Cover Art Reveal: BEAUTIFUL MESS

posted by Lucy V Morgan on , ,


Ooh, I have been excited about this. BEAUTIFUL MESS is my upcoming erotic romance novella, due for launch on November 25th. Thanks to my awesome designer friend, Kenny Wright, I can show you the finalised cover art...

Working in a wedding cake shop sucks when you've just been dumped.

Bailey Frost has a recipe for disaster: one cheating ex, one big glass of liquor, and three well-meaning male friends who think her lack of a sex life is funny. Before she knows it, she's confessed that she's never had an orgasm with a man.

Now Bailey has to navigate sappy couples at work, while her friends are hell-bent on helping her get revenge on evil Craig...by dressing up as werewolves, on YouTube.

And one of those friends-- the tall, shy-but-gorgeous Linc--might just want to help Bailey with that other little problem...
BEAUTIFUL MESS (which you can add on Goodreads here) is my first foray into self-publishing. Years of building writing contacts online have most certainly helped me in this endeavor; as well as the lush cover, I've benefited from the talents of editor (and writer) Christa, and the formatting genius of her husband, Julio. Not to mention all the lovely readers who took the time to vote and comment on the novella when it won a contest earlier this year (if you'd like to see what they said, pop up to the BEAUTIFUL MESS tab. Go on, you know you want to). These people have put up with a lot from me, and I am most grateful. Let's see if I can manage to load it on to the vendors correctly, shall we...? [Facepalm in advance]
I hope to see some of you on my planned November/December blog tour, and if anyone would like an ARC, please give me a shout. 

Now, I should probably go write something...


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