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So. Self Publishing...

posted by Lucy V Morgan on , , ,


...or "that thing I was never sure I wanted to do."

I have a novella. It won a competition online in February, and it got a lot of great feedback. The novella is stuck online contractually until 2013, which somewhat omitted submitting to publishers. But I still own the ebook rights, and I figure the novella has a lot of audience yet to reach.

Plus there's the fact that I have two novels coming out next year and could use some market presence.

After umming and ahhing for months, I've enlisted the help of a lovely editor and awesome cover artist, and between us, BEAUTIFUL MESS should be ready to go out for review in a few weeks. I'm planning to distribute free on Smashwords, and for as little as Amazon will allow until they can price-match Smashwords (I've already made contest money from it, and while I've added an extra scene to make the ebook worth getting for those who've read it, I feel funny charging for something that's technically free online).

I've just got to learn how to...format it. Oh dear. Any suggestions much appreciated...


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