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Amusing Google Hits. What Are Yours?

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,


Hello Campaigners (and all other readers. I like you just as much--promise). I have been stuck in the editing cave all week and my brain aches, hence no contest entry and general slowness. Bah.

But one of the best things about having a blog is the sniggering that ensues when you view your Google hits, and realise people find you by Googling the weirdest things. So in the spirit of blogger-ly bonding, here are some of my most amusing examples. Please share yours in the comments! (And if I haven't made my way to your blog yet, I'm on it this week).

People find me by Googling...

Books + supportive husbands
Gnomes of self pity
How to keep your rich alpha male happy (baha).
Blowjob Nicole
Given a quiet moment to get his bearings, Alex realised  (Alex is my husband. Not this Alex, I think--he sounds too organised).
Lucy v oh my Lucy V (sadly, this is not about me. There's a porn star called Lucy V. She's evidently ripping me off).
Lucy V sex torrent (see above).

(On a similar note, Open Office now suggests "girl parts" every time I try to write "girl." Ahem).


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