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Platform Building Campaign: Hell, Yes

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,


Around the time I started this blog and my publishing journey, a fellow writer and blogger called Rachael Harrie hosted her second Platform Building Campaign--a big bloggy free-for-all where writers connect to like-minded genre-mates and bask in the glory of each other's awesomeness. The third Campaign is about to get underway, and I have dutifully hopped on the bandwagon once more because....well. It's an ace bandwagon. There's leather upholstery, a mini bar, and is that Snoop Dog...?

...Fur-coated pimps aside, the Campaign is a wonderful thing. I wrote an article during the last about why writers should talk to each other, and I stand by it all. Writing can be a very lonely existence: just you, the laptop, a hero that keeps running off with a frigid but kick-ass wondergirl/his elderly butler/a cat with questionable sexual history. Fortunately for me, I've met some great writers since (and I don't own a cat, fictional or otherwise). I value their opinions; they don't think mine is too shabby; and when the stars are bright and the moon is full, one of us sacrifices a goat and then--er, I mean, we critique each other, and it's rather good.

Aaaaaanyway. I'm looking forward to meeting more fellow goat skinners authors, readers and publishing people. Am also looking forward to the challenges (I was a bit pants with these last time. I blame the Pepsi habit. I was in hardcore).

I think you should join in too. You can do it here.


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