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Moving House

posted by Lucy V Morgan on


I've moved house a fair few times over the past few years (due to the husband's job), and I can't say that I'm enthralled about the prospect of doing it again.

But I am. Next Saturday, actually.

(I should probably start packing, right?)

The kind of place Lucy would like to move to (courtesy of Laura Ashley)
The kind of place Lucy is actually moving to, because pub flats suck.
 Anyway--yes. Moving further south; close to the beach; even closer to unfortunately named shops, and right into an apartment that needs industrial cleaning/a cannon full of magnolia paint/counselling. This means I'm going to be quiet for a week or two. You can imagine me shaking my weary hands at the carpet cleaner that has failed to remove three layers of grey from the tasteful pale pink shag, or perhaps covering myself in paint while trying to rid the dining room of its jaunty, sherbet orange tones.

I've lined up three rather awesome author interviews to post in the meantime. When we're unpacked, and when the new place is remotely habitable [weeps into fists], I'll be back.

Enjoy the rest of summer.


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