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Interview & Book Giveaway: Author Lux Zakari

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Stroke the fishnets. You know you want to.
Lux Zakari is the author of two powerful erotic novels: Coercion, and the newly-released Finale (isn't it pretty?)--if you're looking for more than girl-meets-pork-sword, you need to read her stuff. She's a fellow fan of Sweet Valley High novels, enjoys detailed fantasies of men in low-slung jeans, and believes that erotica doesn't need a cherry on top to be hot. 

Lux has stopped by today to talk about her publishing journey, her twisted characters, and to give away a copy of Finale. Read on to find out a) how awesome it is and b) how you can get your hands on it (metaphorically speaking, since it's an ebook. Ahem!).

When music legend Jonathan Levant dies in a motorcycle accident, no one is more stunned than his former lover Olivia Gray, a hedonistic ex-celebrity who learns she’s been inexplicably named the guardian of his children. Olivia’s reluctant acceptance of the new parental role obliterates her hope of resurrecting her songwriting career as she faces sarcastic teenagers, suicide attempts and séances. The upset to her self-indulgent life forces Olivia to finally face the truth about the cruel decisions of her wild past, her now uncertain future and her secret, turbulent relationship with a man who, even in death, continues to upend her world. 

1) Can you tell us about your publishing journey? Have your ambitions changed since your first contract, and have your views of the industry changed at all?

I started as a content editor for an e-publisher as a way to get my foot in the door, and the position gave me valuable insight as to what publishers are looking for, how to turn someone off with a cover letter, how to meet and connect with other authors, and how to tell a good story, period. Of course, I’ve made plenty of mistakes between Coercion and Finale, and hopefully I’ve learned from them, but otherwise I’m grateful for the experience. Although my ambitions are still the same – to be a prolific author who remains true to the story and not necessarily the market – my path on how to get there has changed, as have my views on self-publishing, which is something I used to be skeptical about but now I’d like to give it a whirl. I think I will be happier having full control, but who knows – I’m not in the same place I was last year at this time, so it’s actually difficult to predict what will work best for me in the future and what won’t. I’ll just hope for the best, jump right in and see what happens.

2) Your erotic novel, Coercion, didn't follow a genre-traditional arc. Do you think romance and erotica are about more than happy endings?

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I am the first to admit that I love stories that end happily ever after. However, what I love even more are stories that end exactly how they’re supposed to, and the characters grow from the experiences they’ve had, and long after I hit “The End,” I’m still thinking about them. I don’t think a story needs to end happily – or unhappily – to be powerful; it just has to make sense and be fitting. I think the terms “romance” and “erotica” set up certain expectations from readers, and rightfully so; as a reader, I like to know what I’m getting into when I pick up a book. But from an author’s standpoint, I’m just out to tell a story, regardless if the ending involves bicycles built for two. I would like my readers to have the expectation of not knowing what to expect!

3) In your new novel, Finale, did you explore any new territory? Is there a "story" behind your inspiration for this book?

I think many people who read Finale will instantly recognize the inspiration for the story; however, the similarities are completely on the surface, just a few face-value facts. Otherwise, the story just bloomed in my brain based on a “What if?” scenario, and like always, I took the idea and ran with it. I definitely step into new territory with Finale; it involves a whole lot of situations that I have little experience with, such as fame and parenting and, sadly, flings with ex-teen idols. On a similar note, I was recently talking to a friend about how I’m actually very unobservant, and he said, “How are you a writer, man?” then added, “Maybe that’s what makes you a good writer – you’re just making shit up!” That being said, I enjoyed stretching my wings with this new story, and it’s quite a leap from my first novel. Those who have read Coercion will notice a big shift.

4) Do you have a specific writing space or room? Do you need certain conditions, or are you free and easy?

I actually just moved into a new apartment and have, for the first time, a designated office, which I love. I hope to pen many opuses there! As for when I write, it’s whenever I get the chance. The stolen moments when I bang out a scene or a short story are some of the most gratifying.

5) What is your advice to fellow writers? (If you have any at all!).

Always write the story you want to tell exactly the way you want to tell it. There will be at least one person in the world who will be incredibly grateful that you did.

If you'd like to win a copy of Finale, simply leave a comment in the section below. Don't forget to leave your email address so we can contact you! The winner will be chosen at random, and I'll post the results on the 19th (Thursday). Good luck!


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