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Entangled Publishing: Happy Launch Day!

posted by Lucy V Morgan on , ,


For months now, I have been reviewing submissions for a sparkly new publisher. Today, they're throwing open their doors. Curious? Go take a look at:
click me!
Entangled focuses on fiction with romantic elements. I've had the pleasure of sifting through urban fantasy, paranormal romance, young adult (we like novels with crossover appeal), sci fi, contemporary, romantic suspense...even the odd horror. I have clenched my fists with glee over unique premises. I have stayed up until 3am to finish a submission, only to pound out a letter to the ed that says YEEEES (which sounds dirty. I kind of like that, I'll leave it in). And because I've seen just how cool these books are, I think you ought to know about them.

If you're a reader, you'll be pleased to hear that most books come in both ebook and paperback (some of which you'll be able to find in bookstores). They have full-length novels and novellas. They plan a short space between books in a series, so you don't have to wait (and you can usually share the author's pain in that regard on Twitter. Go on, look them up. They're amusing, and they'd love to hear from you). You can click here to join the launch party (and possibly win a Kobo reader loaded with yumminess).

Also, have you seen the covers? Mmm, shelf candy.

Come closer
Juuust a liiittle biiit...
OH YESH. I have you.
Om nom nom

Ahh. [Swig of beer]
As a writer, I have been consistently impressed with Entangled's conduct coming up to the launch. They are market-savvy, well-connected and utterly passionate. They have a strong sense of what Entangled represents, and have worked hard to put together a business model which favours authors--with a high royalty rate, publicists, and strong editorial support--as much as it does the publisher. (You can find out more about this here, submission guidelines are here, and the ed team's current wishlist is here).

I wish them the best of luck, and I'm looking forward to putting some of these books on my shelves along with other favourite authors. I bet they're going to smell delicious (and be great, obviously. But tell me you don't get high on that new book smell...).


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