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Wanted: Guest Posts on Reading and Writing

posted by Lucy V Morgan on , ,


Yes, that's right--I'm too lazy to post and want you lot to do it for me.


I  think platform-sharing is a wonderful thing, and I'd like to get busy with it. You're here, you're reading, and so you probably have a handle on the tone for my blog (blunt, informative, teeeeny bit of snark). If you've got something to say about books, I would love to feature you. Here are some suggestions...

For readers:

1) A "wish list" for your perfect book. Genre, plot, characters, conflict, the way it should make you feel...be indulgent. You can even mock up a cover (in fact that'd be awesome).
2) A llittle piece about your reading habits, or the place you love to read. An accompanying photo of your favourite spot would be cool.

For writers:

1) I am happy to conduct author interviews. If you'd like to be interviewed, please email me with a blog/website address, and writing excerpt so I can get a feel for your work.* (I'm probably not the place for your children's picture book/MG, but anything else goes).
2) If you'd like to share a tip on the craft, I'd love to see your article.
3) Tell us about your writing journey so far. What have you learned? What have your experiences been in publishing/attempting to be published?

These are just ideas; I'm happy to consider anything (although I won't be posting any fiction/poetry for this feature). Please try to keep your piece short-ish; if it's snappier to read, more people will read it. Please email your request to lucyvmorgan@gmail.com

I'm looking forward to sharing some lurve. Platonic, of course. Unless you ask nicely.

*I may pick authors that suit my own preferences purely so the content fits the tone of the site. It's not intended as offence and I will still think you're awesome. 

Probably ;)


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