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Writing Female Characters: Help! & Blog Hop

posted by Lucy V Morgan on , ,


This post stems from two things: firstly, the blog hop organised by the notorious* Sarah Ketley (which is here for your viewing pleasure. Go forth and win stuff) and a couple of conversations I've had recently on how to write a good female character.

It's harder to write women -- mostly, I suspect, as we are women who write for women, even if we don't intend it that way. When I cast a novel, I often find it's my female characters falling into the stereotypes, rather than the men -- but I won't realise this until a few chapters in. They might be fleshed out but they're still playing the same roles.

I'd like to put together a guide with our collected wisdom: ten ways to write an awesome heroine. Doesn't matter the genre, and you don't have to have examples (though it would help). Just share your tips below -- the quirkier the better -- and I'll add your blog link to the post when it's compiled (so please make sure I can access your blog through your post!). If you could keep them to a paragraph or so, that would help to keep the guide nicely accessible. It'll be like putting all our rings together to summon Captain Planet. But in a skirt.

You can find my Mary Sue post here if this helps at all, which discusses psychological processes that sometimes occur when women read and write female characters.

I'm looking forward to reading your contributions. There's nothing like the words of another writer to make you consider your current heroine, go slowly beetroot and whistle absently...

Now mush!

*I heard last time Blogger went mofo, she cryogenically froze the programmers and now wakes them just to check code and be stuffed with jellybeans. Lime flavour only :(


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