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News: In Which I Cross Over To The Dark Side

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,


I try not to blog about my personal life (I do enough of that through my fiction!) but since this is writing-related, I thought it was worth sharing: I am now an intern at a publishing company and yesterday, I received my first chunk of slush pile (surprisingly dry, which was disappointing).

So now I'm on the other side. I'm discovering exactly what other people think is fit for submission, I'm peering between the bones of raw manuscripts, and I'm hoping to learn exactly what "commercial" means.

I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging about it all for confidentiality reasons (indeed, if anybody blogged about my manuscript, I would tear them a pixelated new one) but eventually, I hope to share what I've learned from wading through slush. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a fledgeling career in publishing (if I ever shift this frickin' novel then I plan on using the proceeds to pay for an editing course).

So...if I haven't replied to your email in, like, forever...it's because I look a bit like this ---->

That's right. I have a strap-on slush beard. I am taking this seriously.


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