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My Published Work

posted by Lucy V Morgan on ,


I'm still awaiting some research material for my next planned post, so I thought I'd throw up a little list of where my published work can be found.

Sucka for Punishment -- flash fiction about a vampire with hip-hop aspirations -- at Everyday Fiction
In the Water -- flash fiction about a mermaid with some dubious motives -- at Flashes in the Dark
Astrum Exuro -- flash fiction apocalyptic fantasy (more!) -- at Everyday Fiction
Requiette -- an extract from my paranormal romance/YA work in progress, at Glass Cases (the blog of lit agent Sarah LaPolla).
Cressida -- fantasy poem -- can be found opening the December 2009 edition of print magazine Aoife's Kiss.
Bloody Sunday excerpt -- a very smutty little piece from one of my works-in-progress, featured on the website of relationships writer Betty Herbert.

Hopefully, I'll be adding a novel or two by the end of the year...fingers crossed!


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